Birdomon Pink is a game for the Nintendo DS. Released in 1987, it is the first in its series. The game allows you to play as Birdo as he discovers his true meaning in the world. You will battle various birdomon and rekindle your relationship with long-time girlfriend Yoshi. Nintendo's president admitted the game was, "Super cray y'all. I can't get enough of dis poop forreal. Dis game is hotter than Kreayshawn eatin pancakes."

The game received an AO rating, which was considered very controversial. This rating was due to rapper 2 Chainz being present, where you play a minigame of him rapping at a local club. Your Birdomon can evolve into various rappers during this minigame such as Lil Birdo, Birdoweezy, Birdoman, and RomeoBirdo.

Despite this, Birdomon received low ratings from critics, being called "the worst game ever" and "worse than dropping a hot boiling pile of eggs and sausage on your toe." This is due to its poor graphics, who were designed by popular rapper Lil Wayne. In response to the criticism, Lil Wayne released the track, "Birdomon A Milli Above All Ya Haters", which did increase sales.

One notable feature of Birdomon Pink is the ability to use Birdoballs. Birdoballs are very furry and resemble a dinosaur egg with Ron Paul's face engraved on a side. Birdoballs server a vital function in the game, and can always be used by hitting button combination Z+X+R+M+Left Trigger.

All in all, the sequel Birdomon Fuschia was never released, and Nintendo has been quiet on the issue. Musician Fergie played a beta version, and described it as "Birdolicious. I be up in the gym, just working on my fitness." Shakira, only known to play the early alpha, did indeed report that, "Birdo's hips don't lie." In response, Nintendo did release one statement that told fans, "DONTTTTT STOPPP BELIEVINNNNNN! HOLD ON TO THAT FEELING." There is hope yet for this series as a result. As recently as 2014, Carly Rae Jepsen commented, "I would definitely call Birdomon maybe. ;-)"