Birdomon Fuschia is the unreleased Birdomon game for the Nintendo DS. It is a sequel to Birdomon Pink. Birdomon Fuschia is a game about where Birdo marries his girlfriend Yoshi and they have little children. You are to take care of the children until they grow up then you go on an adventure. This adventure takes you to Birdomon Land and you can go on carnival rides like the BirdoCoaster and the Merry Go Birdo. This game was to be rated Adult Only because of sensitive reproduction scenes between Birdo and Yoshi, as well as birth scenes.

Birdomon Fuschia was scrapped for unknown reasons. It is probably due to lack of sales of Birdomon Pink. The plotline was revealed in July 1990. The last update for the codebase was released in 1880, shortly after Abraham Lincoln was elected.

Nintendo has been quiet on the issue. Musician Fergie played a beta version, and described it as "Birdolicious. I be up in the gym, just working on my fitness." Shakira, only known to play the early alpha, did indeed report that, "Birdo's hips don't lie." In response, Nintendo did release one statement that told fans, "DONTTTTT STOPPP BELIEVINNNNNN! HOLD ON TO THAT FEELING." There is hope yet for this series as a result.